Correspondence, mostly to Patrick Geddes, relating to the Rue des Nations and its preservation

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Correspondents include: Anna [ ]; [James] Mavor; W. B. Stevens; W. Trelease, Missouri Botanical Garden; W. P. Wilson; H. J. Rogers; P. W. Search; S. W. Wilson, Philadelphia Normal School; W. S. Jackman, University of Chicago; M. W. Sewall, International Council of Women; G. F. Parker; J. Mappen; [John] Dewey; G. Wragg; Lady F. Welyn Warwick; John Aird & Sons; Doulton & Co. Ltd.; Arthur Lee and Bros.; A. J. [ ]; J. Thomson; Merryweather & Sons Ltd.; J. Howe; H. Jekyll; Committee for the Preservation of Rue des Nations; E. J. Brown; [ ] Macauly, Foreign Office; J. Thompson; C. E. Davis.

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