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- Review of 'The Facts of the Moral Life and Ethical Systems' by Wilhelm Wundt. On reverse, review of Paris by Emile Zola. From The Literary Guide. 1 April 1898.
- Review of 'A System of Ethics' by Friedrich Paulsen. From Knowledge. No date .
- Review of 'On the Ethics of Naturalism' by W.R. Sorley. Source unknown. No date.
- Advertisements for editions of Johann G. Fichte's 'The Science of Rights and Science of Ethics as based on the Science of Knowledge'. Source unknown. No date.
- Review of 'Ethics and Moral Science' by L. Lévy-Bruhl. Source unknown. No date.
- Various reviews, including one on W.H.V. Reade's 'The Moral System of Dante's Inferno'. From the Glasgow Herald. 5 August 1909.
- Article on Rev. Father Rigg of Dalibrog, South Uist, and his behaviour during an outbreak of typhus on the island. Source unknown. No date.
- Article on 'Literature'. Refers to W.R. Sorley's 'The Ethics of Naturalism' containing four lectures which he delivered in the University of Edinburgh in January 1884. From the Dundee Advertiser. No date.

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