Day Training Colleges and the Department of Education

Scope and Content

The records do not constitute a comprehensive and systematic departmental archive, and it is believed that many administrative records have been destroyed. These surviving papers are essentially an artificial collection assembled by former members of staff to illustrate important aspects of the Department's work and include selected biographical and published material of prominent staff.

Administrative / Biographical History

Detailed information about the Department is provided in the headnote of this collection.

The Department of Education was effectively established in 1899 when Harry Livingston Withers was appointed professor of education. The Department and the Day Training Colleges continued to co-exist for a few more years, but eventually the Department assumed complete responsibility for the administration of teaching. From 1914 the Department formed part of the Faculty of Education. In the 1980s, the constituent departments of the Faculty gradually amalgamated to form a School of Education (not to be confused with the School of Education which was responsible for academic administration of local teacher training colleges until the mid-1970s).


The records are arranged in the following series:

  • FED/2/1 Minutes of the Committees of the Day Training Colleges
  • FED/2/2 Administrative Documents
  • FED/2/3 Letter Books
  • FED/2/4 Records relating to the Administration of Students
  • FED/2/5 Financial Records
  • FED/2/6 Records of Student Societies
  • FED/2/7 Documents relating to the history of the Department
  • FED/2/8 Documents relating to Departmental staff and students
  • FED/2/9 Miscellaneous Departmental Publications
  • FED/2/10 Edlines
  • FED/2/11 Miscellaneous Documents