'Miscellaneous Political: Peace'

Scope and Content

Contains material related to Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Committee of 100 (1960-1961); material related to the Central Board for Conscientious Objectors including Annual Reports and pamphlets about court martials and prison routines (1948-1960); material related to conscription (1946-1958); 'Arms and Mr Bevan' by Emrys Hughes, MP (c.1951); 'Woman Today' (1940); 'Theses on War' by Peter Cadogan (c.1960); 'A New People for a New World' from The Commonwealth of World Citizens with letter to Dr Brenda Grant (1956); material related to Birmingham People's Peace Conference (1952); 'Resistance' (1948); Society for the Prevention of World War III (1948-1952); 'L'eglise et la paix' in French (1951).

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader