Deed of covenant to levy a fine

Scope and Content

(i) John David ap Ieuan of Botegwall, co. Denbigh, gent., Hugh ap John David ap Evan, his son and heir apparent, Hugh David of Garthgarmon, co. Denbigh, gent., Thomas David Lloid of Boddorin, co. Denbigh, gent., Piers Lloid, his son and heir apparent, Lewis Thomas of Abergele, co. Denbigh, yeoman, Katherin, his wife and Thomas Lewis of Abergele, his son and heir apparent.

(ii) John Lewis of Mivod, co. Denbigh, gent., Evan John of Mivod, yeoman, and William ap John David ap Ieuan of Abergele, yeoman.

On property as in D/BC/7290 [a messuage in Myvott with all appurtenances and all the messuages and lands in Myvott which were held by one Doulce verch John ap Ieuan, deceased, late wife of John David ap Ieuan and mother of the said Hugh and Evan, and all other property in Myvott which (i) have] and on a mansion house, barns and garden in Abergele, now used as a barn by the said William together with the mansion in which he lives, also in Abergele and a cottage called Yr Efel used as a smith's forge, a close called Gardd y dre in Abergele with an oven house on it, a close called Kay yn glan y wern, another house with a barn and garden, parts of closes called Yr Pentre and Kaye Cochion, a piece of land called Talar tan y Pil, all in Abergele.


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