Scope and Content

(i) Peploe Ward of Chester, D.D., and Rev. Thomas Ward of Great Newton, co. Chester, clerk.

(ii) John Wilbraham of Chester, gent.

(iii) John Larden of Chester, esq., and Richard Barker of Chester, gent.

(iv) The said Richard Barker.

(v) John Edgworth of Bryn y Grog, co. Denbigh, esq.

(vi) William Currie of Chester, M.D.

(vii) John Williams of Park Lane, co. Middlesex, esq.

(viii) Rev. Hope Wynne Eyton of Leeswood, co. Flint, clerk.

Mortgage terms affecting property as in D/BC/730 [capital messuage with lands in Bodeugan and messuages called Hendre and Hendre Isa, all in St. Asaph] to (vii) and (viii) upon trust for (vi).


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