Letters and Papers of Lewin B. Bowring and Katherine Bowring

Scope and Content

Material comprises:

  • (a) numbers 1-37, letters to Lewin Bentham Bowring from his wife Katherine and family (numbers 1-11, February 1868-November 1904), and from miscellaneous correspondents (numbers 12-37, June 1858-February 1905), including Field Marshal Lord Roberts (numbers 23-35, February 1893-November 1901);
  • (b) numbers 38-47, miscellaneous papers of Lewin Bentham Bowring relating to India (1868-1904);
  • (c) numbers 48-126, letters to Katherine Bowring from her husband Lewin (numbers 48-49, 1868 and 1890) and her mother Eliza Jane Bellasis (numbers 50-126, October 1867-November 1869);
  • (d) numbers 127, fragments of a journal of Katherine Bowring of tours abroad, 1864 and 1865 (57 folios).
For convenience of reference five Bellasis items (numbers 128-132) are included here, one (number 132) being a printed pedigree of the family.