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3 19th cent. diaries assumed to be of George Gardner, resident of Banbury, Legal/Assurance Clerk, friend of George Herbert and later High Bailiff of Banbury. The collection also includes two books of music used by him, and some accounts from a local Music Society (Gardner was a member of the Banbury Choral Society and a keen amateur cellist and composer).

The diaries were deposited by Mrs. M. Saunders in February 1994 and were allocated the Accession Number 3783. P142/MS/1-2 and F/1, however, were not deposited here until May 1995, when

they formed part of Accession Number 3973.

When these diaries were deposited there was some confusion as to whether they were by George Gardner. Research into Gardner's family & friends, business activities and leisure interests resulted in the conclusion that the first two diaries were almost certainly of Gardner, with some doubt still remaining as to the authorship of the third. Comparison of the handwriting with the earlier diaries along with the majority of the diary's subject matter (cause for doubt arising from an occasional mention of 'G.G' and Gardner's name appearing in a list of birthdays) led to the assumption that the third diary was also probably that of Gardner.

Catalogued by J.R.Hargreaves March 1994, and revised by R.H. Darwall-Smith in May 1995.

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