Scrapbook, 1907-1908

Scope and Content

Press cuttings of performances and Lena Ashwell's activities

  • Lena Ashwell's campaign at the Great Queen street Theatre
  • Lena Ashwell "At Home" at a private view of the Kingsway Theatre
  • Lena Ashwell private view of opening performance Irene Wycherley at Kingsway Theatre (1907)
  • Lena Ashwell and the new theatre (1907)
  • Lena Ashwell against "smoking in theatre"
  • Visits from Royalties to the Irene Wycherley (1907-1908)
  • A stroke of Business at Kingsway Theatre (1907)
  • The Bishop's Candlesticks at Kingsway Theatre (1907)
  • Diana of Dobson's at Kingsway Theatre (1908)
  • The Money Grabber at Kingsway Theatre (1908)
  • About Actors' Day Fund
  • The Like o' Me at Kingsway (1908)