Marina Ivanova Tsvetaeva papers

Scope and Content

Invitation to and programmes of M I Tsvetaeva evenings and conferences, Moscow and Cheliabinsk, 1979-1986 and 1999 (1-13). M I Tsvetaeva commemorative envelope, 1999 (14). Photograph of M I Tsvetaeva memorial plaque, Lausanne (15). T Korjakinová, M Nedvedová, G Vanecková "Marina Cvetajevová a Praha: Vyberová bibliografie [...]" (Prague, 1984) (16). "Tallin", 2 (1986) (includes M I Tsvetaeva correspondence publication) (17). Invitations to M I Tsvetaeva celebrations, Bolshevo, 2000-2003 (18-20). M I Tsvetaeva and Tsvetaeva museum postcards (Bolshevo, nd) (21-24). M I Tsvetaeva (& S Ia Efron) and Tsvetaeva museum 2004 & 2005 calendar cards (Bolshevo, nd) (25-28). Invitations to and photographs etc of M I Tsvetaeva celebrations, Bolshevo, 2013 (29-38). Photograph of M I Tsvetaeva statue, Moscow, 2008 (39).

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Acquisition Information

Vaneckova, Galina (January 1985); Lubiannkova, Ekaterina (April 1986); Kemball, Robin (); Atrokhina, Zoia (April & September 2003, April 2004, July 2013); Mnukhin, Lev (June 2003); Deich, Evgeniia (December 2008); Minakov, Valerii (October 2013)