The Hill Family to Barbara Leigh Bodichon

Scope and Content

Autograph letter, signed, 4pp. 8vo. Malvern.

Congratulations to Barbara Bodichon's sister [Isa]bella on her engagement to General Ludlow [Major-General John Ludlow (1801-1882), reformer of Indian marriage laws, cousin of John Malcolm Forbes Ludlow (1821-1911) a founder of the Christian Socialist movement]. Florence is with her father at Malvern for his health -- good air. He is 'to sit in Court at Bristol next week.' Mr EG White of Boston, Mass., is there and thinks reports of the cruelties of slavery [by Maria Weston Chapman, of the executive committee of the Antislavery Society, who had met Barbara Bodichon in Boston in 1858] greatly exaggerated. His father is 'active in reformatories.'