James Joseph Sylvester to Barbara Leigh Bodichon

Scope and Content

Autograph letter, signed, 4pp. 8vo, Athenaeum Club letterhead.

'My dear Madame Bodichon -- I am very sorry that I cannot come tomorrow having friends to dine with me at the Savile and thence to adjourn to the Mathematical Society where I am / / to read two papers. If I may be allowed to come in a frock coat I will try and come in the evening after the Society breaks up if not too late - -I have been / / quite absorbed of late in Mathematics being in the direct track of a method for finding a priori every possible kind of parallel motions (?) -- otherwise I should have been / / at yr house and inquired about Mr Hamilton's affair -- I should like to know how that stands at present. Very truly yours JJ Sylvester.'