Elizabeth Whitehead to Barbara Leigh Bodichon

Scope and Content

20 Jul [1853 or 1854]. Autograph letter, signed, 6pp. 8vo.

From Elizabeth Whitehead [Malleson] (1828-1916), educationalist.'Dear Barbara Smith,' is delighted to have rooms [for the school], sends Mrs Buntz's prospectus and criticises one sent her. She attends lectures at the Birkbeck school and is training for a teacher's position. [Augustus] De Morgan's address was fine, stressed training the child's imagination. [De Morgan (1806-1871) mathematician and professor, active in supporting women's movement.] Other lectures give no practical aid - all philosophy. Other comments about schools, Mrs Ellis, Mr [William] Shields [director of Birkbeck school]. Elizabeth Whitehead helped run Barbara Bodichon's school at Portman Hall from Nov 1854.