Letters to Sewell from unidentified individuals

Scope and Content

Includes the following material arranged alphabetically by forename:

-three letters from Alexander A[?], dated 8 November 2014-11 May 2015, concerning various subjects, including his work as an artist, and the art world

-letter from Alexander S[?], dated 4 April 2000, concerning an article written by Sewell

-letter in French from Andre [?] dated 20 October 2009, an order of service, and a newspaper cutting relating to the funeral of Carlos van Hasselt

-letter from Ben [?], dated 15 January 1992, concerning various artists and sales

-letter from Bernard [?], dated 16 December 2003, concerning an invitation to a meeting of a discussion group at the Savile Club

-letter from Brian [?], dated 21 October 2001, concerning sculpture designs by Canova for Nelson's tomb

-letter from Charles [?], dated 16 April 2015, concerning various subjects including the Bauhaus in Munich in the 1930s

-postcard from Charles [?], undated, concerning Sewell's health

-postcard with original watercolour picture from Daniel [?], dated 15 May [?], concerning Sewell's health

-letter from David [?], dated 10 May 2014, concerning his health

-letter from David [?], undated, concerning Christian beliefs

-letter from Dick [?] on Agnew's headed paper, dated 14 December 1999, concerning a review written by Sewell

-letter from Duncan [?], dated 13 November 2011, concerning his work

-three letters and three postcards from Eliot [?], dated 1 August 1972-8 May 1978, concerning various subjects including his tempera pictures, and doctors

-letter from Emily B[?], undated, concerning Sewell's work, and his health

-letter from Gabor [?], dated 24 March 1988, concerning a possible visit

-letter from Gavin[?], dated 3 June 2014, concerning his friendship with Sewell

-postcard from [?] Hall, 10 June 1992, concerning arrangements for a lunch invitation

-letter from Jacqui [?], dated 30 April 1984, concerning Sewell's friendship and support for Tom [?]

-letter from Jane B[?], dated 9 February 2009, and an article by Michael Holroyd concerning sitting for the painter Michael Reynolds

-letter from Jed [?], undated, concerning Sewell's appearance on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Loose Ends

-letter from John [?], dated 22 April 1996, concerning Sewell buying a drawing of himself

-letter from Judy [?], concerning Sewell's work, and the possibility of meeting

-postcard from Juliet [?], dated 12 September 1987, concerning a review written by Sewell about Master drawings

-letter from Kathy Y[?], undated, concerning a review written by Sewell on Raphael

-letter from Malcolm [?], c14 July 1954, concerning various subjects including a birthday present for Sewell

-two letters from Max and Penny [?], dated 30 January and 5 February 2002, concerning a speech Sewell gave at the National Gallery

-illustrated letter from Meg [?], dated 3 April 2015, concerning various subjects including the art establishment

-two letters from Michael [?], dated 24 March and 22 August 1977, concerning various subjects including Sewell's reviews, art education, and exhibitions

-letter from Michael [?], dated 4 January 1958, concerning his decision to become a Minister

-letter from Midge [?], dated 13 August 1998, concerning an unnamed artist

-letter from Pande[?], dated 19 February 2004, concerning a trip to India, and the Kalash language

-postcard from Patricia [?], dated 23 November 1994, concerning working for the Financial Times

-postcard from Renee and Rosie [?], dated 15 June 1986, concerning their new home

-letter from Ryan [?], artist, dated 14 December 2003, concerning his work

-letter from Sheila [?], dated 14 November 1990, concerning various subjects including Sewell's writing, and various mutual friends, including Anthony Blunt

-letter from Sigrid [?], dated 3 June 2003, concerning the Tate

-letter from Simon [?], dated 25 May 1993, concerning a meal he shared with Sewell

-letter from Ted [?], dated 3 July [?], concerning Barocci drawings

-letter from Valerian [?], dated 3 July 1993, concerning various subjects including travel

-large hand illustrated card from Wilfred [?], undated, sending Christmas greetings

Also includes the following material from correspondees it has not been possible to identify:

-letter (first page only) dated 31 October 1974, concerning an image of an oil sketch used for the Canons'[?] ceilings

-letter dated 28 June 1987, concerning the death of Eliot [?]

-postcard dated 14 September 1987, concerning a visit to Rome

-letter dated 14 June 1991, concerning an artist's image of the Evening Standard newsroom

-card from 'A Grateful Reader', dated 9 August 1991, concerning an article written by Sewell

-postcard dated 24 January 2000, concerning a loan of money

-large letter with water colour illustrations, dated 28 May 2008, concerning art and whippets [dogs]

-letter dated 20 November 2013, concerning a game of golf

-letter dated 27 June [?], concerning guests at an event attended by Sewell

-postcard, undated, concerning the Tate


Where correspondees have only given their forename, this material has been arranged alphabetically. The correspondence from individuals who cannot be identified has been placed after the alphabetical sequence, with a brief description and the date of each item, if given.

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