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-letter and invitation to an exhibition from David Caldwell, artist, undated, concerning his work

-card from Colin Cameron, date 5 August [?], concerning Sewell writing his memoirs

-two letters and two cards from Sokari Douglas Camp, artist, dated c2000- 27 June 2007, concerning her work

-card from Jeffery Camp, artist, undated, concerning his 1988 exhibition, and a photograph of Campbell Mellon

-letter from Gordon Campbell, Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of Leicester, dated 25 October 2004, concerning Sewell's review of his book

-letter from Miranda Carter, writer, dated 28 November 2001, concerning her biography of Anthony Blunt

-card from Richard Cartwright, artist, undated, thanking Sewell for his review

-letter from Dr. Andrew Causey, History of Art Department, University of Manchester, dated 1 April 1982, concerning the artist [Harold?] Gilman

-two letters from Alexander Chancellor, Editor, The Oldie, dated 27 May and 3 June 2015, concerning Sewell's articles for the publication

-letter from Professor Edward Chaney, History of Collecting Research Centre, Southampton Institute, dated 25 October 2001, thanking Sewell for his help

-two letters from Jake and Dinos Chapman, artists, undated and dated 12 February 2008, thanking Sewell for a review of their work, and concerning a proposed publication on hell

-letter from Christopher Christou, Nahlis Christou Solicitors, dated 13 August 2008, concerning the will of John William White

-three letters (one illustrated) from Ricardo Cinalli, artist, dated 24 September 1996-11 March 2014, concerning his work, and Sewell's articles for the Evening Standard

-letter and image from Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen, Head of the Courtauld Gallery, dated 11 December 2013, concerning paintings by German artists

-nine letters between Sewell and Adrian Clark, dated 6 August 2008-c7 May 2015, concerning his book about Peter Watson

-printed email, two invitations to a private view, and a postcard from Duncan Clark, dated 14 October 2013 and undated, concerning the work of his son, Fred Clark, artist

-three letters between Sewell and Frank Cohen, dated 3-8 July 2013, concerning an exhibition at the Dairy Art Centre in London

-two letters from Ian Collins, writer, dated 7 December 2009 and 16 August 2010, concerning his biography of John Craxton

-letter from Stephen Conrad, dated 23 March 2011, concerning research on a painting previously owned by Anthony Blunt

-letter from Sewell to Eric Coombes, writer, dated 10 October [?], concerning the value of essays on art

-two letters from Jilly Cooper, author, dated 19 May 2000 and undated, concerning a proposed memorial to animals in war and thanking Sewell for his support for the cause

-letter from Jonathan Cooper, Director, Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery, dated 26 May 2001, concerning traditional values of drawing, and enclosing three mounted colour photographs of works by Craig Wylie

-card from Alan Coren, writer, dated 9 July 1999, praising Sewell's article on the Beckham's nuptials

-letter from Adrienne Corri, dated 28 October 1997, giving a recommendation for a doctor

-letter (first page only) from Marion Coutts, artist, dated 25 February 2011, concerning a publication about her late art critic husband, Tom Lubbock

-postcard from Fred Cowles, undated, concerning Sewell winning Critic of the Year Award

-letter from Margot Crane, dated 17 December 1979, concerning various subjects including Sewell's articles and their mutual friend, Anthony [?]

-three letters from John Craxton, artist, dated 3 November 2008-14 December 2008, concerning art criticism

-four letters from I.J.[ohn] Croft, artist, dated 9 July 2003-27 December 2011, concerning artists, exhibitions, and Sewell's work

-two letters from Fred Cuming, artist, dated 3 October 2014 and undated, concerning Sewell reviewing his book

-letter from Valerie Cumming, Deputy Director, Museum of London, dated 20 October 1992, concerning Sewell's review of an exhibition and accompanying catalogue

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