Ministry Pamphlets

Scope and Content

8 ministry pamphlets entitled 'Readings at Norstrand Avenue and Other Ministry'. The first, from August 1970, has the word 'ministry' crossed out and replaced with 'Profane, vain babblings.. Shun for they will advance to greater impiety and their word will spread as a gangrene', implying some hostility to the author of the pamphlet. This was presumably added after the break from the Taylorite position after the Aberdeen meetings in July 1970. The first pamphlet contains an extended question and answer session from a meeting, with JTJnr answering queries, and in it he references the events which led to the split at Aberdeen. The rest also contain such question and answer sessions, as well as readings and addresses given by JTJnr and other Brethren. The pamphlets contain contents pages at the front, and are split into different sections.