Kamenetskaia (Kamieniecka), Elena Al'bertovna (Sirotkin, Helena) (1900-1980)

Scope and Content

E A KAMENETSKAIA (KAMIENIECKA) (H SIROTKIN): biographical note, 2014 1; diaries (also poems, copy letters to Netti [?] & copies of poems etc by A Belyi, V Ia Briusov, G I Chulkov, B Kellerman, S M Gorodetskii, D I Krachkovskii, P Verlaine et al), Moscow, Warsaw, 1915-1924 2-37; notebooks of poems and reflexions, 1914-1918 38-39; notebook with school essays on Gogol' & Turgenev, [Warsaw, 1919] 40; notebooks & album with diary entries, letters to Netti [?] and copies of poems by & quotations from L N Andreev, K D Bal'mont, A Belyi, A A Blok, V Ia Briusov, I A Bunin, I L Erenburg, B Feferman, M Gor'kii, S M Gorodetskii, E G Guro, K Hamsun, H Ibsen, R Ivnev, B Kellermann, D I Krachkovskii, M A Lokhvitskaia, V V Maiakovskii, G de Maupassant, D S Merezhkovskii, A Mickiewicz, F Nietzsche, I Severianin, L N Tolstoi, P Verlaine, W Whitman, O Wilde et al, also Hebrew & Polish authors, 1918-1925 41-45; copy diary "Ia" (extracts from 1920-1924 diaries) & notebooks of "Sto izbrannykh stikhotvorenii russkikh poetov" copied for husband, Z Sirotkin, London, 1926 46-48; letters from Bentsion [?], Mikhail [?], Netti [?] (also to her) (9, 1916-1919, nd> 49-57; postcard from Z Sirotkin, Warsaw (1948) 58; letter from A Goldberg (1976) 59; postcards of Warsaw, 1923 & nd 60-61; Elisheva "Haruzim" (Tel-Aviv, 1928) 62; modern copy prints of photographs of E A Kamenetskaia and school class, Moscow, 1916/1917 and H Sirotkin, Warsaw, 1920s 63-64.

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