A Nonconformist Parson

Scope and Content

210 blue and white pages of screenplay, typed in black ink, plus: two blue pages, typed, of cast list [with actors' names and addresses]; twelve green pages, handwritten, featuring character names in the vertical left margins ticked off against sets and scene numbers on a horizontal axis; two white pages, typed, listing character names, with handwritten additions for dates and number of days' filming [in pencil], plus actors' names and fees [in black ink]; six yellow pages, each with a subtitle caption, for scenes 5, 73, 108, 116, 122 and 176, respectively [all featuring letters or telegrams]; and one yellow title page: 'Heart and Soul Adapted from Roy Horniman's well known novel. "A Nonconformist Parson." Scenario by Eliot Stannard Produced by A.V. Bramble.' There are 210 scenes, including subtitles. Some annotations in pencil. [Eventually directed by Bramble from Stannard's script.]

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