Papers for poems prepared for publication in the two larger collections of  ... 

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Papers for poems prepared for publication in the two larger collections of Lee's poems, 'Poems' and 'Selected poems' mostly taken from the three earlier collections, and text of poems published in periodicals but not collected.


I. 'Laurie Lee', in the 'Pocket Poets' series; [1957]-1968. Published London: Vista Books, 1960. This included sixteen of the thirty-eight poems in The Sun my monument, all twelve poems in The Bloom of candles and nine of the fifteen poems in My many-coated man, 'Stork in Jerez', 'Moss-rose', 'Cock-pheasant', and 'The Pollard Beech'. Typewritten list of poems originally proposed for the volume, with amendments. With correspondence with Edward Hulton & Co. relating to the contents of the selection and a letter from Studio Vista apologising to Lee for the omission of a correction from the second reprint.

II. 'Selected poems'; 1982-1984. Published London: André Deutsch, 1983. This included seventeen poems from The Sun my monument, ten from The Bloom of candles, fifteen from My many-coated man, all the four poems first published in book form in the 'Pocket Poets' series and six others not previously published in book form. Includes drafts of the preface to the collection, 'Larch tree' as a specimen page', 'Moss-rose' and 'Cock-pheasant' extracted from the 'Pocket Poets' series volume, photocopies of typed copies of all the poems submitted by Lee for inclusion, a signed letter from André Deutsch accompanying the returned typewritten texts of the poems he rejected for the collection, and a letter from Penguin Books asking for photographs for the Penguin edition.

III. Texts of poems first published in periodicals, but not in the three collections of Lee's poetry, and published in one or both of the anthologies. The drafts and texts presented to these periodicals are included here.


1. 'Cock-pheasant'; 1956. First published in Vogue, April 1956, and in Poems and Selected poems. With a printed cutting.

2. 'Fish and water'; 1962. First published in The London Magazine, vol. 2, no. 9 (Dec. 1962) and in Selected poems.

3. 'Girl under fig tree'; 1968. First published in The Saturday Book, no. 29 (1969) and in Selected poems.

4. 'Moss-rose'; 1957. First published in New Poems 1957, and also in Poems and Selected poems.

5. 'Night speech'; [1964]. Also entitled 'The dark'. Published in The Birmingham Post, July 1964, in Harper's Bazaar, Oct. 1966, in a Shakespeare quatercentenary celebration programme, and also in Selected poems. Printed cuttings.

6. 'On Beacon Hill', also here entitled 'Star song'; 1959. One of 'Three poems of division', the other two remaining unpublished. Published in The Listener, 29 Jan. 1959, and in Selected poems. Autograph, typewritten and printed cutting.

7. 'The Pollard Beech'; [1950]. First published in The New Yorker, 8 July 1950 and also in Poems and Selected poems.

8. 'Shot fox'; [1967]. First published by 'Barrow poets', Dec. 1967, in the London magazine, vol. 7, no. 4 (Dec. 1967), and also in Selected poems. With a cutting from the Barrow Poets

9. 'Stork in Jerez'; 1958. First published in The Compleat Imbiber, vol. 2 (1958) and also in Poems and Selected poems. Typewritten and typewritten copies, with autograph amendments.

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