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26. 'Magic of water'; 1965. Originally a radio broadcast script (q.v.), published in Harper's Bazaar, June 1965. Printed cutting.

27. 'Me and my health … Born survivor'; 1987. Published in the London Evening Standard, 13 Nov. 1987. Photocopy of cutting in two parts, with a further photocopy with some passages deleted in autograph, and a printed cutting of an abridged version headed 'Dead and buried but still in fear of medical men' from an unidentified newspaper.

28. 'Mirror of Spain'; 1960. Book reviews published in The Listener, 14 Jan. 1960. Early typewritten draft entitled 'The other island (note of Spain – Laurie Lee)'. Printed page proof and cutting

29. 'Modern Acropolis?'; n.d. Publication unknown, but headed 'Panama University'. Typewritten.

30. 'Morocco – the other place'; [1971]. Autograph and typewritten. . One copy marked with three stars. Publication unknown.

31. 'My Cotswold life: Laurie Lee, writer'; circa 1987. Cutting of article in Cotswold Life.

32. 'My country childhood'; 1987. An extract from When we were young, an anthology published by David & Charles: Newton Abbot, 1987, published in Country Living, Dec. 1987. Photocopy of printed article.

33. 'My day'; 1975. Published in Vogue, Dec 1975. Autograph, typewritten copy marked proof, and printed cutting

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