Correspondents A-B.

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Correspondents A-B.

1. Roy and Sally Ackermann; 1984. One letter. Signed.

2. Richard Adams; 1980-1985. For correspondence on Lee's interview with Adams for The New York Times, see Add MS 88936/4/20. Five letters and postcards. Autograph and signed.

3. Walter Allen; 1968. One letter reporting that he has given a favourable report on 'As I walked out one midsummer morning' to André Deutsch. Signed.

4. John Allison; n.d. One letter. Autograph.

5. Edward Ardizzone; 1960, 1961. Two letters. Autograph.

6. John Arlott; 1963-1991. Eighteen letters. Signed.

7. Dame Peggy Ashcroft; 1963-1973, n.d. Sixteen letters and postcards. Autograph.

8. Betty Askwith; 1944, 1961. One postcard and one letter. Autograph.

9. Michael Astor; 1968-1988. Five letters. Autograph.

10. Leo Aylen; 1986. One letter. Autograph.

11. Margaret Agnes Babington; 1947. Telegram sent of the occasion of the performance of 'Peasants' priest'.

12. Constance Babington-Smith; 1972. Autograph card and signed letter with photocopy of Lee's reply.

13 Tony Bacanello; 1979, 1987. Two letters, also notes of 1988 addressed by him to Bob - . Autograph.

14. Dawn Banks; 1960. One letter. Signed.

15. Simon Barber; 1970-1977. Three letters. Autograph.

16. Virginia Barrington, née Cunard; 1973-1988. Four letters and postcards. Autograph.

17. Lucy Bartlett; 1971. One letter. Autograph.

18, Ronald Batty; n.d. One letter. Autograph.

19. Jack Beddington; 1957. One letter. Signed.

20. Sybille Bedford; 1962. One letter. Autograph.

21. Michael Behrens; n.d. One letter. Autograph.

22. George Bell, Bishop of Chichester; 1947. One letter congratulating Lee on 'Peasants' priest'. Autograph.

23. Franta Belsky; 1971-1989. Four letters and postcards. Autograph.

24. Sir John Benn, Bt., of the English-Speaking Union; 1970. One letter. Signed.

25. Leslie, Lady Benson; 1970, 1972. Three letters. Autograph and signed.

26. Hon. Theodora Benson; 1944. One letter. Autograph.

27. Nicolas Bentley; [1952]-1968. See also his correspondence with Lee as a director of André Deutsch. Five letters and postcards. Autograph and signed.

28. John Berkeley; 1972. One letter congratulating Lee on his article on Berkeley Castle. Autograph.

29. Sir John Betjeman; 1976, n.d. Two cards. Autograph. Also a letter of 1964, purporting to be by Betjeman, critical of Cider with Rosie.

30. Edmund Blishen; 1993. One letter. Signed.

31. David Blunkett; 1986. One letter, expressing pleasure at listening to a reading of Cider with Rosie. Signed.

32. Wilfrid Blunt; 1955. One letter. Autograph.

33. Alex Bowlby; 1973, 1977. Four letters. Autograph.

34. John Braine; 1958. One letter. Signed.

35. Bill Brandt; 1964. One letter. Autograph. The picture mentioned in the letter is not in the collection.

36. Julian Bream; 1957-1989, n.d. Fifteen letters and postcards. Autograph.

37. Kenneth J. Bredon; 1955. One letter. Autograph.

38. Gerald Brenan; 1960. Two letters. Autograph.

39. Antony Brett-James; 1956. One letter. Autograph.

40. Christian Brett; 1976. One letter. Autograph.

41. Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten; 1972, n.d. Two letters and cards. Autograph.

42. Gillian Brocklebank; 1957. One letter. Autograph.

43. Brigid Brophy; 1960. One letter. Autograph.

44. Elizabeth Browning; 1992. One letter paying tribute to Alan Hancock. Signed.

45. Winifred Bryher, al. Winifred Ellerman; 1957-1960. Three letters. Signed.

46. Jack Bryson; 1960. One letter. Signed.

47. Aline Burch; 1980. One letter. Autograph.

48. Brian Burland; 1976. One postcard. Autograph.

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