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9. 'The dabchick'; 1925. Essay written by Lee when a pupil at Slad County School for an essay competition organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Not published. Autograph.

10. 'The echoes of love we can never forget'; 1979. Published in The Sun, 16 Feb. 1979. Printed cutting.

11. 'Elm Park Gardens'; 1964. Early draft entitled 'The Frontier, S.W.10'. One copy marked with one star and the note '… concentrated. Use of “literature”? – strained?' Published in The Evening Standard, Sept 1964. Autograph, typewritten with a fragment of the printed article.

12. 'The English spring'; 1966. Published in Reader's Digest, vol. 87, no. 504 (Apr. 1965). Autograph, including some notes, and typewritten, one copy being marked with three stars.

13. 'A glass of beer, a book of verse…' 1976. Early drafts entitled 'Queen's Elm'. Published in The Daily TelegraphMagazine, 20 Feb. 1976. Autograph and printed cutting.

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