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1. 'At Harry's Bar'; 1983. Published in The Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 1983. Autograph, typewritten, printed cutting, with background material.

2. 'Beauty, change, and the face of the world'; n.d. Publication unknown. Typewritten.

3. Carol; n.d. Publication unknown, on a character named 'Dishcloth'. Typewritten.

4. 'Clouded yellow: disillusionment in Arles'; n.d. Publication unknown. Typewritten.

5. 'A Cold Christmas walk in the country'; n.d. Early drafts entitled 'A cold walk in the country'. Publication unknown. Autograph and typewritten.

6. 'Conversation in “The Sun”'; [1961]. Some drafts entitled 'Conversations in “The Plough”' One copy marked with three stars. Published in The Compleat Imbiber, no. 4 (1961). Autograph and typewritten, with a photocopy of the article.

7. 'Country controversy'; 1995. Lee's contribution to a series of articles, published in Daily Mail, 1 Apr. 1995. Printed cutting.

8. 'Craftsmen wage war on this hideous, unholy trinity'; 1960. Printed cutting of an article published in Evening Post, 24 Aug. 1960.

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