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1. 'Calling all peoples'; 1942. Script by Jiri Weiss and Laurie Lee of a Crown Film Unit film encouraging the people of occupied Europe to resist. Typewritten.

2. 'Youth'; 1942. Script by Laurie Lee of a Crown Film Unit film outlining what 'youth has done, is doing, and might eventually accomplish' (from the introductory note). With a commentary on the script by an unidentified hand. The film was abandoned. Typewritten.

3. 'Lily Marleen'; 1943. Two summaries of the aim of the film by the Crown Film Unit, a 'rough impressionistic treatment' and 'notes for a film treatment' by Laurie Lee. Typewritten.

4. 'Cyprus is an island'; 1945, 1946. Draft and final commentaries. The final text was published in 'We made a film in Cyprus', see Add MS 88936/2/11. Typewritten.

5. 'Boodoo & Sookoo'; 1946. Notes, skeleton outline, incomplete script, final script of a film on Indian tea workers, commissioned by the International Tea Board. Autograph and typewritten. Although Lee left for India on 5 Oct. 1946, the drafts and scripts of this and the second film are dated between 10 May and 20 Sept. 1946.

6. Second film for the International Tea Board; 1946. First draft treatment, second treatment and revised treatment, all prepared by Greenpark Productions Ltd. Typewritten.

7. 'Festival film: boy's commentary, 2nd draft'; [1951]. For Lee's other work for the Festival of Britain, see Add MS 88936/2/157.

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