49. 'The Teenager who lit up my life'; 1980. Published in The Sun, 12 Ju ... 

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49. 'The Teenager who lit up my life'; 1980. Published in The Sun, 12 June 1980. Autograph notes, imperfect typewritten drafts, photocopy of typewritten text, entitled 'Notes on my daughter', and printed cutting.

50. 'Thames, for river book'; n.d. A folder inscribed thus, but without any text.

51. 'There is gold in the Stroud valley'; 1957. Cutting of an article in the Stroud News & Journal, 11 Oct. 1957

52. 'Things I wished I'd known at 18'; 1981. Published in Sunday Express Magazine, 5 July 1981. Printed cutting.

53. 'Variations on a dead sparrow'; circa 1950. Published in Nimbus, Aug. 1953. Typewritten, one being a later retyping entitled 'Fall of a sparrow', and photocopy of printed article.

54. 'Village Christmas'; 1967. Autograph, typewritten, and with correspondence including the typescript of the article as adapted for Reader's Digest, in which it was published in vol. 89, no. 536 (Dec. 1967), and from which there is a printed cutting.

55. 'The Village of Slad'; 1960. Printed galley proof, with autograph amendments, of an article published in Queen, 9 Nov. 1960.

56. 'We were the last of the young hopefuls'; [1960]. Typewritten with the title 'The Thirties' with printed cutting of an article originally published in the Manchester Evening Chronicle, 7 Dec. 1960.

57. 'Where the jungle meets the sea'; 1984. On Singapore and Malaysia, originally entitled 'Too late or just in time'. Published in The Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 15 Jan. 1984. Autograph, typewritten and printed cutting.

58. 'Wordsworth's world'; 1961. Published in Mademoiselle, Mar. 1961. Autograph, typewritten, and printed cutting.

59. 'Would I ever exchange her … No!'; 1978. An article written as a follow-up to The Firstborn, describing Lee's daughter at the age of fourteen, and subsequently incorporated into his Two women. Photocopy of autograph and printed cutting from The Daily Mail, 10 May 1978.

60. 'Writing a best-seller: what a great change in my life…'; 1960. Cutting of an article in The Evening Standard, 26 Oct. 1960

61. 'You have to live near the ground'; 1985. Issue of The Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 9 June 1985, with an article introducing a competition for a 'mini-saga', i.e. a story of exactly 50 words, and including a sample by Lee.

62. Untitled essay apparently describing Lee's visit to Marseilles; 1965? Unpublished. Autograph.

63. Short article or speech on bee-keeping; n.d. Autograph.

64. Commentary by Lee on his poem 'Village of winter carols'; [1943]. Typewritten.

65. Short biography of Cecil Day Lewis, probably by Lee; [1945]. Typewritten.

66. Article on the English countryside in a group of articles by various authors on England; [1985]. Published in The Mail on Sunday, 23 Apr. 1985.

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