14. 'Harvest festival'; n.d. Publication unknown. Typewritten.

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14. 'Harvest festival'; n.d. Publication unknown. Typewritten.

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16. 'How did I miss this dazzling, drunken Dylan.?'; 1977. Published in The Daily Mail, 21 Apr. 1977. Autograph and electrostatic copy of autograph article then entitled 'I never knew Dylan Thomas', with printed cutting.

17. 'In my garden'; 1964. Published in Homes and Gardens, June 1964. Also entitled 'My garden', 'Cottage garden' and 'A place on earth'. One copy marked with four stars. Autograph, including some notes, typewritten and printed cuttings, one with autograph amendments and re-titled. 'A Place on earth' as if for re-publication.

18. 'Just as it comes'; 1959. On a visit to Spain and Morocco. Published in Queen, 29 Sept. 1959. Typewritten with autograph amendments, with the title 'Unconducted tour', and printed cutting.

19. 'The Last and best of his line'; 1970. On Frank Mansell. Published in Gloucestershire Life, Mar. 1970. Autograph, two photocopied proof copies with autograph amendments.

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24. 'Laurie's special declaration of Lorca & Spain'; n.d. Publication unknown. Autograph.

25. 'Lying in state'; 1965. On the lying in state of Sir Winston Churchill. Published in a special Daily Telegraph supplement, 9 Feb. 1965. Autograph, typewritten and printed cutting.

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