Ferrar, British National Antarctic Expedition

Scope and Content

  • MS 1153/3;D Sketch map of Ross Island and neighbourhood, made during expedition, 1901 to 1904. holograph
  • MS 1153/2;D Notes on geology of Trinidad and Macquarie islands made during expedition, September to November 1901, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 689/6;BJ Notebook of scientific observations kept during the expedition, 1901 to 1904. Sea water samples giving position, temperatures, colour, salinity, CO², Antarctic rock specimens, positions in the Ross Sea, CO² determinations during homeward voyage [Tabulated data] 1 volume, ink, holograph
  • MS 1368/8/1-2;D Letters (2) to (Anne), 12 October 1901 and an aunt (Jettie), 23 February 1903 [News of the expedition] holograph
  • MS 689/4;BJ Notebook of sounding stations kept during the expedition, 15 October 1901 to 24 June 1904 [Bottom sediments described] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 689/2/1-3;BJ Notebook of ice observations kept during the expedition, 16 November 1901 to 23 February 1904. Ink with numerous sketches, holograph, 3 volumes
  • MS 1407;D 'Macquarie Island, geological notes, 22 November 1901' 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 1264/1;BJ Diary, 24 December 1901 to 17 June 1902, holograph
  • MS 1153/1;MJ Diary, 24 December 1901 to 8 January 1903 [Short notes on daily activities, containing a brief record of work in progress, weather conditions and sledge journeys] holograph. Microfilm
  • MS 1264/9;BJ Geology notebook, 1902, holograph
  • MS 689/1/1-2;BJ Geological notebooks, 3 January 1902 to 28 March 1904. 2 volumes with sketches, holograph
  • MS 689/3;BJ Notebook of observations, 'Experiments with water, ice etc.' 31 January 1902 to 5 January 1904, 1 volume, ink with several diagrams, holograph
  • MS 1264/2;BJ Diary, 18 June 1902 to 26 January 1903, holograph
  • MS 641/2;MJ 'Geological suggestions for the Cape Crozier Sledging Party,' 6 September 1902. Microfilm, autograph
  • MS 1264/8;BJ Sledging notebook, 29 November 1902 to 20 December 1902, holograph
  • MS 1264/3;BJ Diary, 29 December 1902 to 27 January 1903, holograph
  • MS 689/12;BJ Journal, 1 January to 19 December 1903, 1 volume, holograph, (signed by Ferrar on front end papers)
  • MS 1264/4;BJ Diary, 27 January 1903 to 30 September 1903, holograph
  • MS 100/33;D Letter to Hugh Robert Mill, 21 February 1903 [On expedition activities] holograph
  • MS 1368/1;D 'Extracts from my log,' 1 March 1903 to 31 March 1904, 16 leaves, holograph
  • MS 689/8;BJ 'Salinities. Samples. Correspond to number in Density Book' notebook of calculations for salinities, carbon dioxide and temperature of sea, ice and snow samples kept during the expedition, 12 March 1903 to 25 August 1904 [Includes sketches of the laboratory on 3 pages near end] 1 volume, loose sheets, pencil, holograph (front page written and signed by Ernest Henry Shackleton but in fact kept by Ferrar)
  • MS 689/5;BJ Notebook of temperature observations kept during the expedition, 26 March to 17 November 1903 [Tabulated data for the earth thermometer and for several thermometers 20 yards out from the tide crack on the sea ice of McMurdo Sound. These give 2 foot snow cover temperatures and deeper ice temperatures] 1 volume, ink, holograph
  • MS 1368/2;D Extracts from log kept on the sledge journey in the western mountains, 11 November to 10 December 1903, with appendices, 16 p on 8 leaves, holograph
  • MS 689/11;BJ Sketch book, November to December 1903. 1 volume, pencil
  • MS 1264/5;BJ Diary, 16 December 1903 to 29 February 1904, holograph
  • MS 1264/10;BJ Ice notes, Cape Royds and vicinity, 16 December 1903 to 24 February 1904, holograph
  • MS 689/14;BJ Loose collection of papers between rough cardboard covers entitled 'South Victoria Land, The Coast, February 1904' [Consisting of 2 photographs labelled A and B, original map mounted on cloth, sketches and diary notes stapled together] Pencil, holograph
  • MS 1421;D Letter to Dr Robert Patterson (his cousin) from Discovery winter quarters, 3 February 1904 [News of expedition] holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1264/7;BJ Diary, Auckland Islands, 15 March to 1 April 1904, holograph
  • MS 1264/6;BJ Diary, 8 June 1904 to 10 September 1904, holograph
  • MS 689/13;BJ Sledging diary to west, 12 October 1903 to 10 December 1903 [Including other notes, January to February 1904] 1 volume with several sketches, holograph (signed by Ferrar on front end paper)

Administrative / Biographical History

The British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904 (leader Robert Falcon Scott) made the first extensive exploration on land in Antarctica. Discovery spent two winters at Hut Point, Ross Island. A three man sledge party (Scott, Shackleton and Wilson) reached farthest south (82.28°) on 30 December 1902. Two relief expeditions were sent to the ice-bound Discovery in McMurdo Sound before the ship was freed. The collection relates to geological notes, sledging journals and diaries kept during the expedition.

Related Material

  • MS 1368/9;D Gould, L.M. Letter to Ferrar, 9 September 1931 [On geological work of expedition, 1901-1904 and the United States Antarctic Expedition, 1928-1930 (leader Richard Evelyn Byrd)] typescript
  • MS 1368/11/1-4;D Markham, C.R. Letters (4) to or concerning Ferrar, 22 July 1901 to 21 August 1910 [Covering appointment to British Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904, geological work carried out and subsequent praise] holograph and one copy
  • MS 1368/12;D Priestley, R.E. Letter to Ferrar, 28 January 1914 [On their geological work in the Antarctic] holograph
  • MS 1368/13;D Scott, R.F. Testimonial for Ferrar, 5 March 1905 holograph
  • MS 1153/4-5;D Scott, R.F. Memoranda (2) to Ferrar, 25 October 1903 and (?) 1903 [Instructions relating to sledge travelling]
  • MS 1368/15;D Shackleton, E.H. Letter to Ferrar, 23 March 1907 [Thanks for good wishes and news of mutual friends from the expedition]
  • MS 1368/16;D Skelton, R.W. Letter to Ferrar, 20 April 1931 [Personal news and mention of mutual friends from the expedition]