Philippine Administration


Material arranged according to the organization of the Executive Departments of the Philippine Government as outlined below (ref. manila City Directory, 1927-1928; pp.85-123):

Office of the Governor General:

Bureau of Audits

Bureau of Civil Service

Philippine Militia

Department of Interior:

Executive Bureau

Bureau of Health

Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes

Philippine Constabulary

Philippine General Hospital

Public Welfare Commission

Metropolitan Water District

Board of Medical Examiners

Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners

Board of Dental Examiners

Board of Examiners in Optometry

Board of Examiners for Nurses

Department of Public Instruction:

Bureau of Education

Philippine Nautical School

Philippine Normal School

Philippine School of Arts and Trade

University of the Philippines

Philippine Health Service

Bureau of Quarantine Service

Department of Finance:

Bureau of Customs

Bureau of Internal Revenue

Bureau of Treasury

Bureau of Printing

Department of Justice:

Bureau of Justice

Courts of First Instance

General Land Registration Office

Philippine Library and Museum

Bureau of Prisons

Public Service Commission

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Bureau of Agriculture

Bureau of Forestry

Bureau of Lands

Bureau of Science

Weather Bureau

Department of Commerce and Communications:

Bureau of Public Works

Bureau of Posts

Bureau of Supply

Bureau of Commerce and Industry

Bureau of Labour

Bureau of Coast and Geodetic Survey

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