Examination student sketchbook, Linda P. Harper

Scope and Content

Pencil and colour drawings, and paintings

Pen drawing of Borden Church, 1962

High street of Rochester, showing local shops, including Martins, 1962

Painters and decorators at work, 1963

Roaddiggers, Sittingbourne, 1963

Hairdressers, 1963

Newington Brickworks, 1963

Sittingbourne high street Spring 1963

Drawings of cats, 'Titus Andronicus'

Pen and colour drawing, Shell Research

Drawings of scenery in Sutton

River scene, Rochester, 1962

Painting of rear view of 16th century Tudor Cottage, 'Dumbles', Chestnut Street, Sittingbourne Kent 1962

Paintings of vegetables and flowers

Painting of inside of the Victoria and Albert Museum, showing glass cases and people

Pen drawing of Rochester bridge, Spring 1963, with labels

Drawing of Salisbury Cathedral, Autumn 1952

Fabric designs

Drawing of Baptist Chapel, Broadstairs, September 1962, and other images from Broadstairs

Paper mill, Sittingbourne, with labels indicating colours to use

Idea for traffic in snowstorm for competition, Star Hill, Rochester 1962

Maidstone Road, Power station