Examination student sketchbook, J. Blundell

Scope and Content

Includes pencil and colour drawings

Pencil and colour potraits of people, some with notes alongside, with descriptions about them, showing a work in progress

Painted images of landscape, including local scenery, mostly unindentified. One painting labelled from Rochester Station, and one pencil drawing of the station, with labels with information regarding the station, and Chatham Townhall

Top of weathercock wrought iron and copper drawing from the V and A Museum

Drawings of animals - cats and birds

Drawings of Medway College of Design's pottery room, with students working, and close up drawings of students working in the library

Sketch of people eating in a dining room in Littlewoods

Drawings of copper kettles, coffee pot silver mark of Charles Wright, and reading candlestick

Costumes from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 18th century, including Puritan