Scope and Content

(i) Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, co. Chester, baronet.

(ii) Jervis Balguy of Wirksworth, co. Derby, gent.

Mines of lead ore in a rake, vein or old work on the mountain or waste ground in Skeiviog [Ysceifiog], co. Flint, called Old Silver Rake, and fresh ground on the west end thereof, containing near nineteen meers of ground in length, beginning at the lands demised to Mr. Barker's company [London Lead Co.] and extending westwards to the enclosed lands of Mr Thomas Williams at Llwyn y Cosin (map attached, showing shafts and a coe).

Term: 21 years.

Royalty: 25s. per ton of lead ore, boose and smythom.

Endorsed: note that two of these meers were promised to be granted to Robert Wagstaff for 21 years, 5 Sep 1745.


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