Scope and Content

(i) Rt. Hon. Richard, Earl Grosvenor, Viscount Belgrave, Baron Grosvenor of Eaton, co. Chester.

(ii) John Jones of Cananglition, parish of Northop, co. Flint, miner, Jeremiah Jones of Cananglition, miner, John Coddington of Cananglition, miner, and Edward Lewis of Bryn Ithin, parish of Northop, miner.

Mines of lead ore, boose, smythom and calamine in ground of an irregular form consisting of twenty-four square meres at Old Rake on Halkyn Mountain, parish of Holywell (map endorsed).

Term: 21 years.

Royalty: 30s. per ton of lead ore, boose and smythom, and 20s. per ton of calamine.


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