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Mapp of Halkin [Halkyn] Mountain and of the other mountains or wast comon ground in the two hundreds of Rhyddlan [Rhuddlan] and Coleshill, co. Flint..., shewing their boundaries and the incroachments or land inclosed from the mountains. Also shewing the lead oar works.

Halkin Mountain [SJ 200700] and other wastes in the two hundreds from Disart [Dyserth] in N.W. to Loggerheads in S.E. Names of tenants of encroachments, and of some adjacent owners. Colour distinguishes encroachments; also used with hachuring to denote contours. Shows most roads, and buildings in Caerwis [Caerwys], Halken [Halkyn] and Northop; lead mines, particularly on Halkin Mountain, where rakes are shown and named; and enclosed lands on estate in Halkin-Northop area.

Survey'd by Thos. Badeslade. 1738. (Copied from the original map by George Bellis, land surveyor, Mold, 1864).

Scale: 8 inches to one mile [1:7920].

789cm x 196cm.


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