Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

(i) Most Hon. Richard, Marquess of Westminster, and Rt. Hon. Hugh Lupus, Earl Grosvenor.

(ii) Park Lead Mining Company Ltd.

Mines of lead ore, lapis calaminaris and black jack, and other ores of zinc and copper in a piece of waste or mountain land part and parcel of Vron Deg or Minera Mountain, parish of Wrexham, lordship of Bromfield and Yale, containing 202 acres 0 roods 16 perches (map endorsed: copy of Badeslade's map, 1740).

Term: 31 years.

Royalty: 15s. per ton of lead ore, one twentieth of copper ore, and 1s. per ton of blend, calamine and black jack.

Counterpart of D/GR/76.


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