Bundle of Papers

Scope and Content

Top sheet is headed 'Evangeliarum Mario-Victorinianum'. Typescript sheets on flimsy paper with Latin type spread over individual pages. Below the type are broken lines in coloured crayon, with handwritten annotations mostly in Greek script

Bundle held together with metal clip.

This possibly relates to his work on the early Latin writer Marius Victorianus - see his articles:

  • 'Marius Victorinus and his Works', Evangelical Quarterly vol. 18 (1946), pp. 132-5
  • 'The Gospel Text of Marius Victorinus', in Text and Interpretation: Studies in the New Testament Presented to Matthew Black, eds. Ernest Best and R. McL. Wilson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979), pp. 69-78.
  • There's also his dissertation: Aberdeen University, MS 2975, 'The Latinity of Gaius Marius Victorinus Afer, with appendices on his Biblical text and on the vocabulary of Candidus the Arian', 1935.

[I am grateful to Tim Grass for pointing out this connection.]