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Scope and Content

These appear to have been derived from the Annual Reports of the Directors. The first two items are simple prospectus, detailing: Directors and Office-bearers; List of Classes and Teachers; Prizes; Syllabus of Lectures; and Summer Session Classes.

From 1878/9, the publication is termed 'Calendar' and considerably more information is included: Directors and Office-bearers; List of Teachers and Classes; Evenings and Hours of Classes; Objects, Origin, and Progress of Institution; Attendance; Numbers of Students for past 20 years; Present Condition-State of Funds; Notes on the Subjects of Lectures and Classes; Curriculum or Order of Subjects; Prizes; School Diploma; The Library; The Watt Literary Association; The Watt Club; List of Students who have taken the Diploma; Prize List of last Session; Students who passed Government Examinations; Occupations of Students; Syllabus of Lectures