Scope and Content

Sermon notes written on the back of a letter.

Martha Bardsley to Samuel Bardsley

From Manchester to Samuel Bardsley [in the Sheffield circuit]. She received his letter of April 14th and was pleased to read that he is well and 'got well into the round again' [ie busy with his circuit]. On Monday April 15th as she was bringing her work home, she fell and hurt her arm and she has not therefore been able to work until now. She has done some work this afternoon and is much better so he should not worry. Jerry [Samuel's brother Jeremiah] and Martha herself were very grateful for his advice, and they intend, if nothing prevents, to meet him at the appointed time. He should send her word if he has heard from Aunt Betty - Betty Seddon wants a letter from him as soon as possible and sends her love as does his acquaintances 'in the park'.

Her love should be passed to Mr and Mrs Woodcock. Sammy's brother John [Bardsley] and his wife send their love, together with Mr and Mrs Armstrong and Mrs ?man and the neighbours.

In a postsrcipt, she also passed on the regards of William Wild and his thanks for the 'favour' [letter?]. Martha Hibbert also sends her love.

Martha would not have Sammy worry about her arm - it was not broke, She went to the infirmary [still in existence as the Manchester Royal Infirmary] 'and got some stuf that did me a great deal of service'.