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Bacup Sunday March 9th

A heavy snow fell last night which made for bitter riding from Hollin Yate to Haslingden where he preached on Job 32:17. There were only a few at Mile End where he spoke from Psalm 107: 13-15, while at Bacup he preached from [unreadable word] verses 4, 7-8. This last was a funeral sermon for Ja/Jo [James or Joseph] Pilling. The people here have been discouraged because of Henry Taylor's foolish behaviour.

Pemin[?] Tuesday March 11th

On Sunday morning, Bardsley made some remarks at Bacup on Psalm 107; 13-15 and stayed at the [preaching?] house most of the day. At night he preached from Revelation 22:1-2.

Rodel End March 13th

Yesterday he travelled from Pemin to Ewood where he felt liberty to preach from Psalm 107: 13-15. Today he dined at Major Marshall's and drank tea at Revd. Mr Atkinson's. At Rodel End he preached from Job 32: 17

[Dated from internal evidence and the Handbook of Dates for Students of English History (Royal Historical Society Guide 4, London, 1945)]