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From Inverness to Andrew Inglis [Bardsley's colleague in the Aberdeen circuit] at the Methodist chapel, Aberdeen. Bardsley received Inglis's last with the enclosed letters for which he was most obliged.

God be thanked that Inglis is feeling better and that his mind is comfortable. Bardsley was pleased to discover that the [class/band] leaders and Inglis are on reasonable terms and he will be glad to hear of Brother Miller[?] taking a class again, if Inglis thinks that it would be for the best.

Bardsley has reasonable health in body and soul. It would give him much pleasure to see the Lord's work prosper more in this place. They have reasonable congregations and there has been two new members, but there are also obstacles which some of the Methodists give way to and many of the general population are prejudiced against them.

Bardsley had a letter lately from Brother [Peter] Mill - he says that Bardsley must come towards Aberdeen about the beginning of March - he will be pleased to see Inglis and all the friends.