Scope and Content

From Garrons Parish, Cornwall [Bardsley was appointed to the Redruth circuit in 1788]to George Flashman at Comber's Lane, Plymouth. After Bardsley left his dear Plymouth friends [Bardsley was appointed to Plymouth in 1787] , he was mercifully preserved on his road to this circuit where he was received very kindly. The Lord is carrying on his work here with some awakened, others converted and some 'called away to their heavenly home'.

The itinerants have a great deal of preaching and travelling to do, but the Lord gives sufficient strength. Bardsley's health has been reasonably well.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

Bardsley will be pleased to hear that sister Flashman is doing well and likewise dear William. Spiritual matters are discussed. He hopes that dear Joseph will go constantly to the preaching and to the children's meeting and 'I beg he will not play and keep company with the wicked boys.' Bardsley's love should also be passed to the young man who boards with the Flashmans. He should be told that Bardsley wants him to be 'forwards in the service of the Lord'.

Bardsley's dear love should be passed to all the dear society.

In a postscript, he mentions that letters can be forwarded to him at Mr Harpur's house in Redruth.

His love should also be passed to the young woman who lives in Flashman's house - she has joined the society, and likewise to her aunt Mrs Bancroft.