Scope and Content

From Sheffield to Mr and Mrs Penford at Southampton. May peace and mercy be with them and their dear children. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail and a stanza of a hymn/poem transcribed, the first line of which is 'Ah why did I so late thee know'.

When Penford was with them [in Sheffield?], Bardsley was in hopes that he had begun to have desires after heavenly things. Spiritual matters are further discussed.

Bardsley has tolerable health. He must hurry this week on account of the races - on Monday evening he recommended the Christian race to the congregation while preaching from Hebrews 12;1 'and those words of the 2nd. Looking unto Jesus. The Lord be with you'.

Letters should be sent to Bardsley at the new [Norfolk Street] chapel in Sheffield. They can do what they like with [William] Tunney's letter.