Scope and Content

From Alfreton to [his mother Martha Bardsley in Manchester]. May peace and grace be unto her and to his brother [Jeremiah].

He reached Macclesfield safely on the Friday about 10am. He preached at 12 noon and had many listeners - he thinks that one found 'pardoning love'. He also had a large congregation in the evening.

Bardsley had been in reasonable health. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. His mother should seek salvation with all her heart, especially as her time [of death] cannot be far away.

Bardsley hopes that she continued in reasonable health, as she was the last time that he saw her. God has been exceedingly good to their family. He has provided for them and waits to be gracious to their precious souls. He has given Bardsley a desire to be useful in his work and Bardsley has reason to believe that his mother wishes to be saved. He would desire his brother [Jeremiah] 'to flee from the wrath to come'.

[The rest of the letter has been lost]