Scope and Content

From Colne to an unnamed correspondent ['My dear friend' in or near Lancaster]. Since he last saw his correspondent, Bardsley has been in reasonable health and the Lord has frequently blessed him 'by giving me earnest desires for the salvation of thousands.'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

God's work prospers in several parts of this circuit. They have fairly good congregations and a good number of people have lately "believed through grace". The societies increase.

He hopes that his correspondent enjoys good health and he hopes that desire for the Lord increases. He hopes also that his correspondent meets with their [Methodist] 'friends'.

Bardsley is finding that his mind is drawn more and more towards visiting Lancaster and had hoped that he would have been there and with his correspondent before now, but he has been very busy with preaching, travelling etc. His regards should be passed to his correspondent's dear parents and sister - he hopes that when he comes to Lancaster, she [the sister] will come and listen to him preach. 'It would be well for her to remember her creator in the days of her youth'.

His love should also be passed to dear Richard Escombe[?] and his wife - may the Lord bless their children, also to Mr and Mrs Edwards and all their children, to Thomas Longworth and Miss Gibson and all those that meet together [in the society].