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From Sheffield to to Martha Bardsley (care of William Wild, lower end of Jackson's Row, Manchester). He received her letter on Tuesday. He would have been pleased to see his brother, but things being the way they are, he has to be content. He hopes that his dear brother's affliction will be sanctified to him. Surely the Lord sends it for this very end, that he may abandon all his wicked ways.

He trusts also that the Lord will sanctify her troubles. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

If Bardsley does not come to Manchester next Wednesday night, he hopes that dear brother Wild will write and let him know how she is. He can be contacted at Mrs Eyre's in French Street, Doncaster [part of the Sheffield circuit] , hopefully arriving there next Sunday but one.

To Bardsley's brother Jerry [Jeremiah].

He begs Jerry to be a dutiful son to their mother.

He asks that his regards be passed to Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Hardman, brother John and sister Betty, Susan Chadwick and all the friends who enquire after him.