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From Glasgow to [his cousin] Isaiah Bardsley at the house of the widow Bardsley, Denton near Manchester. He recalls that when they last met, Isaiah told him that a few lines from Bardsley would be agreeable. He hopes that his failure to write before now will be excused as it was certainly not out of disrespect.

Bardsley has enjoyed fairly good health and has often been comforted in his mind, especially when preaching to poor sinners.

He hopes that Isaiah and his dear aunt are well. Isaiah should be obedient to his mother. It gave Bardsley much pleasure to see Isaiah at the preaching at Red Hall and hopes that he will continue to attend. He should be very careful what company he keeps and should find time for reading his bible and other good works. Isaiah should be sure to pray morning and night.

His love should be passed to Isaiah's mother. If she were to attend the preaching, she would benefit. His love should also be passed to Aunt Lydia and her children and to cousins Jonathan, John and Robert and their families.

In a postscript, he asks that letters be sent to him at the Methodist chapel in Edinburgh.

Glasgow is a fine city with many places of worship and people who fear the Lord. He expects to be in Edinburgh on April 16th.