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From Nottingham to Martha Bardsley at the house of John Fowler, stockiner[?] of Poolfold, Manchester. He received her welcome letter last Saturday. He trusts that she will look to the Lord in her afflictions and he will certainly deliver her. She should remember how often the gracious and merciful Saviour has delivered and helped her in the past. Spiritual matters are further discussed.

He hopes to be in Manchester on the Monday or Tuesday after New Year's Day. He hopes that they may have a happy meeting. He blesses God that he is in tolerable health, both in body and soul.

His brotherly love should be given to Jerry [Jeremiah].

His love should also be passed to John Fowler - Bardsley passed on Fowler's regards to brother Blackwall.

In a postscript, he asks also that his love be passed to Mr and Mrs Armstrong.