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From [Haworth] to [Mr Wood]. May the good will of the Lord be 'your portion and the portion of Mrs Wood, now and for ever'. He trusts that they are both in a tolerable state of health.

Since Bardsley last saw them, he has enjoyed reasonable health and the Lord has often been good to his soul. Last year he was very comfortable in the Sheffield circuit - it was a good year with many joining the society and many others finding the 'peace that passeth all understanding'.

Bardsley hopes that he will love this circuit as there are good congregations and many affectionate and pious people. He trusts that the Lord will make him useful to them.

He had hoped to have seen Wood and his wife before now but has been hindered. However, he hopes to see them on the evening of Wednesday 1st November. If Wood would like to inform a few of his neighbours, he will speak to them 'as the Lord enables me'.

[The dating of this letter is based on two pieces of evidence; namely the reference to Bardsley being stationed in Sheffield the previous year and to November 1 falling on a Wednesday. An examination of Bardsley's list of stations and of the tables in the Handbook of Dates for Students of English History (Royal Historical Society Guide 4, London, 1945) produces two possible dates of 1780 and 1775. Of these two, the latter seems the most likely as Bardsley was stationed in Haworth which was close to Sheffield and he would therefore have been able to visit his friends with reasonable ease. In 1780 however, he was stationed in Aberdeen.]