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From Sheffield to Mr Pool, shopkeeper at North Scarl near Newark upon Trent. A few days ago, Bardsley received Robert Shaw's letter concerning Edward Alcock. 'His case is this. His son and another of our friends [ie a Methodist] have bought him necessaries to dye with upon credit, they being bound for the money. As Edward is got into years he is but slow in his business so that there is little paid towards the debt and the creditors want their money which if not paid he may be stoppd in his business and they tell me he is not able to work journeywork. Our friends think that if you would allow him a shilling a week (which they say you promised to do) it would encourage them to do all in their power to help him that he might not be more burden on the parish.

[Poor relief in England was organised on a parish basis and funded by a rate levied on householders.]

I believe Edward is sober and willing to do all he can. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy'.

In a postscript, he asks that his love be passed to Mr Robert Shaw.