Scope and Content

From Sheffield [Bardsley was stationed in Sheffield between 1770 and 1771] to William Barton at Burnley[?]. Spiritual matters are discussed.

He can assure Barton that although he has been away for a long while and has not seen his Burnley friends, he has not forgotten them. He may be absent in body but not spirit and he frequently finds sweet union with his friends [in prayer].

He trusts that Barton and his wife still have their sights fixed on heaven and that they have Christ in their hearts. Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

Barton should encourage the preachers and labour for peace.

In a postscript, he asks that his love be passed to Mr and Mrs Hilton, Jemmy [James] and Georgy, Patty and all the children, If James Hall is in the area, Bardsley's regards should be passed to him. Bardsley can be contacted at James Waters the baker's house in Sheffield.

His love should be passed to Mr and Mrs Green, to all in the Burnley society and to their preachers. [Samuel] Woodcock [Stationed in Sheffield as the Assistant in 1770.] joins in sending regards.