Thomas, Arthur Herbert (1867-1936)

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A H THOMAS OFFICIAL & CAREER DOCUMENTS & CORRESPONDENCE: Spanish identity documents (also for Maria Davey Thomas), Almonaster le Real, 1902-1903 1-4; British passports, 1915, 1923, 1931 5-7; postcard to M D Thomas, Falmouth, from Arfa[?], Seville (1903) 8; postcards to A H Thomas, Ekaterinburg, from A Evanough, Petrograd, J Thomassin[?], Petrograd & Iaroslavl', unidentified, Viatka & Makeevka (Donetsk) (7, 1915-1917) 9-15; copy letter from A H Thomas to T H C Homersham (Thwaites Brothers, Bradford) (1918) 16; Soviet travel document, Ekaterinburg, 1918 17; Czechoslovak National Council letter of thanks, Ekaterinburg, 1918 18; copy letter from Foreign Office to O Locker-Lampson & statement by T A Meise & A H Thomas about death of Capt Digby-Jones, Cheliabinsk, 1918 (2, 1919) 19-20; letter (& receipt) to A H Thomas from Capt Rusicka, Vladivostok, [Ekaterinburg], Irkutsk (1919) 21-22; Soviet travel documents issued to A Mackay[?] & A H Thomas by Glavnyi kontsessionnyii komitet pri Sovete narodnykh komissarov, Moscow, 1923 23-25; Soviet travel & identity documents issued to A H Thomas by Gorno-khimicheskii trest (VSNKh), Moscow, et al, 1930-1931 26-29. A H THOMAS RUSSIAN & SOVIET RECOLLECTIONS & LECTURES: H Thomas "Camborne Engineer in Russia. In Room where Czar was Murdered. Mr Arthur H Thomas amongst the Bolsheviks", "Camborne News & Redruth Effective Advertiser", 17 Jan 1920 (photocopy) 30; D Williams, "Herbert Thomas, Editor, Poet & Historian", "The Cornishman", 20 July 1978 (includes account of 30) (also letter to editor from Mary Thomas, A H Thomas's daughter & letter of thanks) 31-33; texts of & notes for A H Thomas talks on Russia and Soviet Union (also Mexico), 1920s 34-57. A G MARSHALL (BECOS TRADERS LTD): "Report on Visit to Russia of the Becos Mission" (1923) 58-59; "Becos Traders Ltd Visit to Russia: Report of Speeches [...]" (1923) 60; "Current Problems" (Belisha & Co) (1923) 61; "Russia and Recognition: A Short Memorandum" (1924) 62; letter to A H Thomas (1924) 63. PRINTED MATTER: "Constitution (Fundamental Law) The Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic [...] 1918", "The Nation" (New York), 4 January 1919 (TS copy) 64; L Andreiev (Andreev) "S.O.S." ([1919]) (duplicated English translation) 65; "Bulletins of the Russian Liberation Committee" (London), 4 (1919), 52 (1920) 66-67; "Struggling Russia" (New York), vol 1, no 16 (1919) (ownership stamp of M I Sterel'ni) 68; H J Boon, "The Closure of "The Echo". The Arrest of Mr Lopatin, the Editor" (Vladivostok, 1919) (duplicated article) 69; I V Shklovsky-Dioneo (I V Shklovskii) "Count Smorltork in Russia" (London, [1919]) 70; I Don Levine, "Diary of the Czarina [...]", "The Globe and Commercial Advertiser" (New York) , 28 June 1920 (cutting) 71; "Bones of Czar Rest in Orient [...], [unidentified Californian newspaper], 2 April 1921 (cutting) 72; "Bezbozhnik u stanka" (Moscow), no 9-10 ([1924]) 73; "Czar "Escaped" Death", "Daily Telegraph" (London), 15 May 1973 (cutting) 74. PHOTOGRAPHS: A H Thomas with fellow army volunteers, Stonehouse, Devon, [late 1880s] 75; A H Thomas on annual outing of Cornish Engineers' Society, Madron Quoit, c. 1890 76; A H Thomas portraits, San Francisco, Russia etc, c. 1900-1917 77-80; A H Thomas in large unidentified group in law court[?], Russia, late 1910s 81; A H Thomas in group during Allied Intervention in Siberia, c. 1919 82; A H Thomas in groups of workers etc, Siberia, 1930s 83-85.

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